Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal from Laser Med Florida

Laser hair removal is proven to work and is permanent.  The laser is the way to end unwanted hair and can be performed practically anywhere on the body and face.

This procedure acts on melanin, eliminating the hairs and roots without damaging the skin.  Laser hair removal will be advised by our medical professionals based on the amount of melanin, skin type and areas being treated.  Laser Med has an expert team of laser professionals, tested and certified to work effectively and safely.

Today you can enjoy the affordable cost of laser hair removal with less pain, less rashes, and no shaving.  Our years of service will allow for you to benefit from the latest technology and safe effective procedures.

The Affordable Cost of Laser Hair Removal from Laser Med

Keep this information in mind when opting for laser hair removal procedures:

•  Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that has to be treated as such. Thus, it must be controlled and done entirely by an accredited professional. Our team of professional laser technicians are all accredited graduates and specialize in the use of laser technology.
•  Learn about the contraindications, precautions and treatment recommendations.
•  Beware of magical solutions at low prices. Our procedures focus on value however, we never compromise on safety or the effectiveness of your treatments.
•  Distrust magical solutions at low prices, the relationship between quality and price is direct as the teams good, safe and reliable are expensive and this inevitably affects the price you pay per session or treatment.
•  Be careful when choosing where to perform the procedure, information about authorizations and accreditations should be visible at all times.
•  Laser hair removal is safe and effective.

List of areas in which we perform laser hair removal:

•  Upper Lip
•  Chin
•  Sideburns
•  Complete Face for women and men
•  Neck (front and back)
•  Underarms
•  Bikini
•  Arms
•  Feet
•  Perianal area
•  Buttocks
•  Abdomen
•  Chest
•  Back
•  Nape
•  Legs
•  Hands

Our team of seasoned laser hair removal specialists will work with you to provide the best service available on the market.  Contact LaserMed Florida to discuss the cost of laser hair removal and how you can benefit from this cutting edge, permanent procedure.

**Special notice: We are currently running a special here at LaserMed. For the low price of $999, we will do unlimited laser hair removal sessions for 1 whole year. Terms and Conditions apply (please speak to one of our friendly consultants to find out if you qualify for this special).

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